Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just Another Day at Work

This was the day to shoot the team photo for year 2009. It has been some time since we last had one. This day turned also turned out to be Adeline's last day with us. She has been with us for so many years, and we tried our best to ask her not to leave. However, she had made up her mind and we wish her all the best!

Introducing the designers:

The Copywrite Experts:

The rest of the photos

2009 Publishing team group photo..with the tags

This one without the tags~

The girls in the team.

The boys in the team.

Inspired by Lacoste Ad...with a more playful twist.

Take II or was it III or maybe more...lost count~

Farewell photo session with Adel, the most efficient and fastest working designer in the whole wide world. And I am not exaggerating! She truly is...

We will miss you~

Individual photo session with Adel.

Some other random shots. It was a crazy and fun shooting session, as expected when you have a bunch of young and vibrant creative minds gathered together~


migin said...

so nice~~ can interview so many artist :)

Andrew Yep said...
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Ah Eva Eva said...

nice and fun :)