Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The usual suspects (Clive, Chee Heng, Rabbito, Sherrina, Eddy, Kylie a new friend and I) hit the road again and this time it's back to my hometown, Ipoh. Our mission on this trip was eat, eat, eat, shoot and play. Oh well, we ate more than we shoot I guess, since Ipoh is so famous for good food which comes in different varieties!

I didn't shoot much this time around, so I left it to the rest of the guys and gals to do the job. I was just enjoying being a host and driver, organizing our schedules and chauffeuring them around.

Here are some of the selected photos from that day. For more photos, please visit my Facebook.

The hill reflection off the water at Kek Lok Tong, Ipoh.

Kok Wai's attempt at shooting doves with his Nikon D300.

Papan, the Charming One Street Old Town
Papan is one of the oldest and smallest town around. The charm about this old town is that half the town lies in ruins. Trees are taking over most of these buildings, but it is still inhabited by some folks. This town seems to have gained a reputation for being a location for the movie set. One of the most famous was "Anna and the King" starring Chow Yun Fatt. And the Hong Kong production, "After This Our Exile" which starred Aaron Kwok.

The leafless tree in front of the ruins.

Rabbito on location at one of the old building.

Wanna get a shave from the only "salon" in town?

Roofs with carvings

Clive loading film into his camera

Kellie's Castle
A famous unfinished ruined mansions located about 20 minutes drive from Ipoh, was built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith. According to diferent account, this building was either a gift to his beloved wife or a home for his son.

The corridor on the ground floor.

A nice wall inside the mansion.

The corridor on the 1st floor.

A section of a different building adjacent to the main mansion.

The castle's architectures and designs was inspired by Hindu religion and Indian Culture.

Jump high, higher, highest!!!

De Walk of El Rabbito~

Mistress Street aka Yi Lai Hong. This street used to be a famous red light district in its heyday. Now, it only houses a few families who are still staying here while most buildings have been abandoned and left in ruins.

An overview of the building lots in Misstress Street.


五月凤凰 said...

pic no 1:where is the two fellow?

Andrew Yep said...

Erase them off ady...everyone ask me to photoshop them off. haha...make the photo more perfect!

看世界 said...

looks great for pic no1.
teach me how to do that :P
hou geng ar~~~~

Andrew Yep said...

Sherrina: haha...okok. teach you how to photoshop later!

clive said...

terima kasih banyak banyak for this trip!

陈国伟 said...

Papan is the haunted village that shown on 'Guai Tham, the HK Mystery Files tv show??? Is it? is it? Lolx...

Andrew Yep said...

Yea...Papan was the location show on Guai Tham. A lot of movies were made here as well.

Fozzil and Nadhirah said...

Hey... I'm creating a blog for my wedding for my wedding guests.

If its OK, can I please use some of your Ipoh scenery pictures.

i will most definitely link your blog and your work and give proper credit.

will that be OK?


Andrew Yep said...

Hi Fozzil and Nadhirah,

Sure no problem, it's always a pleasure to promote Ipoh!

And congratulations to you guys!