Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aaron + Estee | of love and sweetness

A first collaboration with the Gown Shop, and thanks to Monica Yip for the Make-up and styling. A first time shooting in a Chinese traditional herbs and medication shop, and a revisit to a traditional Malaysian pre-war house and shop.

Thanks Aaron and Estee. May you guys be blessed with lots of love and sweetness.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

January on the Go [Film]

Finally, I am able to finish this roll of film while I was away in Kota Kinabalu. It has been tucked away inside my camera for a while now. It was a busy month for me in January 2011. Lot's of works here and there. First stop is Penang, what was meant to be a working trip turned out to be a non-stop eating trip! Assam Laksa, Chow kuey teow, ho jien (omelet with oysters), prawn noodle, nasi kandar, lobak, porridge, curry noodle, cendol and more... We almost tasted all the food in penang. This main photo shows a very delicious chee cheong chuk stall. If my memory serves me right, it's located in Newlane coffee shop.

Next on the route is Singapore. As usual, we were staying around Raffles City. Had a walkabout in Orchard Road and went to meet up with Stella and she brought me to this Japanese Ramen shop known as Santouka Hokkaido Ramen. The next best Ramen I have ever tried after the yummylicious Ramen in Yokohama, Japan.

Delicious Siew Yuk, Chu Cheong & Char Siew! Slurp~

Famous Cendol in Penang Road. This stall is crowded with people!

One of the more interesting signage around... I think.

Took this as I was passing by the Penang High Court.

Hoe Mun, Kenji and Jeff. At the airport and ready to fly... to Singapore.

Jeff, Han Jun, Jeannie, Calvin, Hoe Mun, Kenji, Wai Loong and Kok Hooi!

MOS burger. I have MOS burger almost every time when I am in Singapore.

M & M's!

I met up with Stella at Orchard Road and she brought me to savor some Japanese Ramen.

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen near Orchard Road.

Stella & I.

Time to leave the city of the lions.

To the East [Film]

My first trip to the East Coast of Malaysia, filmed in analog style. As usual, it's taken from my Fujifilm Zoomdate with Fujifilm Reala 100 and Fujifilm Pro 400.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Land below the Wind

Holidays! Finally some holidays!!! First holiday destination of the year 2011 is to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah also known as "the land below the wind". It's my first time to the East Coast of Malaysia and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. Thanks to the driving skill of Behn and Clive's GPS system, we manage to find our way around. We visited several places namely, Pulau Tiga (aka Survivors Island because the 1st season of Survivors was filmed here), Manukan Island, Kundasang and around KK town.

The first series of photos will be on Manukan Island, about 15 minutes away from KK town. The water is crystal clear, and schools of fishes were swimming freely largely ignoring the human crowd.

Under the Jetty's bridge.

The Jetty of Manukan Island.

Overlooking the

Behn at the Jetty.

Clive and Behn, fish spa-ing.

Manukan Island.

Delicious Yee Fung curry laksa at Gaya Street and fresh prawns among other during our seafood feasting! There are some very delicious food in Kota Kinabalu and the seafood is really really fresh!

Lido Square! Exploring the market early in the morning.

The nasi lemak in Lido Square is very very good! The Rendang Beef is very tender and the curry squid or "sotong" is very thin and fresh!

Behn and Clive queuing to buy the nasi lemak.

The pick-up place to Pulau Tiga aka Survivors Island.

The girls!

The Jetty at Survivor's island. The sky wasn't the best, cloudy all day long.

Welcome... welcome...

Charis and Tang.


The Mud Volcano. One of the attraction in this island.

Dip dip... we sent out the girls to try the mud out :P

Behn was really enjoying himself with all the attention he was getting.

Clive stuck in the mud? Nah... just pretending. haha...

Nicole covered in mud.

Sherina... there were two Sherina in this trip! Okay, actually this is Sherina and the other is Sherrina with an additional "r".

Tang and his leica!

The beach at Survivor's Island.

There is the whole gang at Survivor Island. Shouldn't have had asked the cook to snap a photo for us, some of us were nearly out of the frame.

We found some awesome graffiti at an open site inside Kota Kinabalu town.

On the way up to Kundasang.

The tip of Mount Kinabalu.

The cow farm at Kundasang. The clouds were very low and it's very misty here.

The one and only brown and white cow here.

It's been a fun and relaxing trip in Kota Kinabalu! But I just can't wait for my next trip! That's all for now folks!