Friday, November 11, 2011

East Java | Bromo & Surabaya | Analog Film version

Andrew Yep Travel + Photography
Film with Fujifilm Zoomdate F2.8 | Film used: Fujifilm Superia 200 & Solaris 100.

This is a series from the attic! Hmm... not exactly, but it has been in my storage for quite a few months. It was in the month of June this year when I was there with Clive, Chee Heng and Rabbito. We spent a single night in Surabaya and heads to Mount Bromo the next morning. It's a couple hour of ride to Mount Bromo so there is nothing better than sleeping! lol. Mount Bromo is so cold and the scenery is really amazing. Here are the analog films version and I will try to post the digital versions soon. Enjoy!

On the way to Mount Bromo, we stopped by this place with geyser. Stairs made from wood, not very safe at all.

In front of the entrance is a railway.

No luck with the geyser, it was so small it's almost not visible. So disappointed. Beneath all this were actually homes, covered by the lava during the volcano explosion.

This earth is not steady at all; rubble and homes destroyed buried underneath.

Kids playing near the stream.

The wall at the submarine museum. Sorry folks, didn't take any film shots of the submarine museum.

Tit bits stall!

Woke up damn early for this since we want to catch the sunrise.

Tripods ready... cameras ready... photographers ready...

Cold... about 5-10 degree Celsius. It was breaking dawn but the sunrise was obstructed. Disappointed again.

Rabbito with all kinds of funny expressions as usual.

Dawn breaks and Mount Bromo appears beneath the ray of lights.


Thick smoke coming out of Mount Bromo. Next, to the crater of the mountain.

Bathing in the morning light with Mount Bromo as the background.

Crossing the "Sea of Sand". Desert but with cold factor at day time.

The stairs leading up to the crater. Kinda half destroyed since the last eruption with two explosions; one in 2010 and the other earlier this year on January 2011.

As I ascend the stairs, this it the view looking back to the "Sea of Sand" with the Hindu temple in the midst of the desert.

Thick smokes gushing out of the crater.

Back to our lodge.

My kind of bike... retro and stylish.

Having fun and posing with the bike.

Mat Rempit wannabe Clive.

Chee Heng's turn with the bike.

Horsey. We rode this kinda pony as we cross the "Sea of Sand" and up to Mount Bromo.

Me... cold and the sandstorm is blowing behind me.


Sandstorm, blocking the view. Else, we have a great view of Mount Bromo from our lodge.

Our lodge.

Room number 202.

Going home after a short 3 days tour at Mount Bromo and Surabaya.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Heart | Troy + Swee Wei

Andrew Yep Photography | Make-up by Aivy Yong

A couple of months back, I did a prewedding shoot with Troy and Swee Wei. Troy is based in America and Swee Wei in Singapore, so we did a lot of ideas exchanges and discussion via emails. Finally after many considerations, we decided on Dusun Garden Fairies in Hulu Langat. Another uncharted territory for me but it was a great shoot and we were really in the heart of mother nature with the woods around us.

Troy and Swee Wei, hope you guys like the photos and see you all soon next year!