Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seafood Haven at Tanjung Sepat

We were travelling in 3 cars, the first for everyone to Tanjung Sepat. In my car, Dominic was driving, Chee Heng was the navigator, and 3 passengers at the back with Rabbito, Yanny and me. All we had was a written map, courtesy of Rabbito's friend whose hometown is in Tanjung Sepat to guide us there.

We hit the Elite highway from Subang and exited through KLIA tol.. After some wrong turns, a few phone calls for directions, and a toilet break at a petrol station near LCCT, we reach Tanjung Sepat at about 9 something. About one and a half hour journey. Not bad for first timers....not bad at all!

We were greeted by the view of the seas as we neared our destination place. First stop for the trip, breakfast!!!

We heard that bak kut teh is the food to chow for breakfast here. Not just any other bak kut teh, it is the famous seafood bak kut teh which Tanjung Sepat is famous for. We were told there were 2 shops, but we only found this one. Hence, seafood bak kut teh it was for breakfast!

We did not know what was on the menu, so we asked the boss for recommendation. From left; one pot of the usual pork bak kut teh, two pots of fish fillets and fish cakes bak kut teh, two servings of prawns bak kut teh.

The pork serving was very normal, and the soup is not the best I have ever had. But the fish and prawn bak kut teh was something really special. Imagine the usual herbal bak kut teh soup with a touch of seafood aroma. Not like I got hooked with these, but it was worth the try. The price were reasonable, we spent less than RM10 per pax for this meal.

This was the shop that we frequented for breakfast, Yi Kee seafood bak kut teh. If you want to try this seafood bak kut teh, you need to be here early as it closes around 10.30am.

Next stop...the Lover's Bridge. This is a very long bridge, which serves as a jetty to the local fishermen. The first half was built in concrete with coconut trunk stilts on both sides of the bridge.

It was low tide in the morning, so the sands and beaches were visible.

After a good distant from the main land, the wooden part of the bridge appeared. There were more coconut trunk stilts on this part as we neared the end of the bridge.

A fishing boat coming back from the sea.

These stilts are used to tie the boat against the bridge. Here you can see the fishermen with their catches-of-the-day.

This is the view under the bridge. It looked like a never-ending tunnel which would disappear into the depth of the sea.

The sun was right under us, and we were practically getting roasted out there. Thus, we took cover under the bridge. Surprisingly, it was very cool under the bridge, and the heat was off us as soon as we were underneath it.

Rabbito taking shelter under the bridge.

It was low tide, thus, we could explore this part of the cape, walking on the sandy beaches on foot.

A different shot on the Lover's bridge.

The lovers at Lover's Bridge. Kok Wai and his girlfriend talking a stroll with the umbrella.

Seashell such as this were found scattered across the sandy beaches.

Someone must have pried this shell open and eaten the clam. lolz!

The leaveless trees.

Polarized! We were polarized, and the outcome was so vintage looking it was brilliant! Courtesy of Dom's antique polaroid camera. Good to go on trip with different photographers, you just never know what kind of camera they have in their pockets!

On the hunt for photography subject. From left; Yanny, Chee Heng and Rabbito.

Yanny posing with the antique bicycle. This bike is available for rental at RM2.00 for an hour.

We passed by this shipyard on the way back to the town. I guess they will have to wait for high tide before they can move the boats away.

Crab fight!

After that, we went to the mushroom and ling zhi farm. I did not see any ling zhi, most of which were mushroom in various bright colours! Here you can see mushroom in pinkish colours!

Yellow mushroom! The colours are very vibrant and they look as if they are poisonous but these are consumable.

This is how they farm the mushroom. The attendant told us that these mushroom blossomed in the late morning just before we were there.

Time for lunch...Maggi tom yam anyone? There were a lot of yong tau fu and fishes varieties to choose from.

This was my lunch, pan mee with tom yam soup and assorted yong tau fu in soup. Apparently, this shop is quite famous but once again, it tasted very normal. I have had better. The meal was cheap so I don't have much complains.

Right after lunch, we went for an early tea-break. This is the famous Hainanese steamed bao shop, Hai Yew Hin. The food is Hainanese style but the owner is actually Hokkien or was it TeoCheow. Pardon me for my forgetfulness.

Doughs for the bao.

The bao used to be fully handmade in the past, but now it is done with machinery. This way, they could produce more bao and the lady boss told us that they sell around 1000 baos everyday.

This is how the baos look when the filling has been inserted into the dough. Just a steam away from serving on the table.

Assorted fillings available in this joint; Mui Choy Ju Yuk (Salted-vege with pork) and red bean.

Turnip strips or sengkuang for a better understanding for most...

These are the fillings for the most famous bao here, the sang yuk bao (pork bao). The specialty of this sang yuk bao is that they have egg as the usual ones don't have egg.

Time to try the baos! I tried the sang yuk bao, mui chou ju yuk bao and the peanut bao. Delicious!

Coffee berries! Looks like M&M, but it doesn't melt in your mouth.

After leaving the bao shop, we went to this coffee roasting workshop. The owner was very friendly and the place was opened to the public. Once we reached the place, we were allowed to visit the workshop. After a short while, the owner prepared some freshly brewed coffee for all the visitors.

Coffee beans.

Yanny with a cup of freshly brewed coffee in a chinese tea cup. Interesting!

Does anyone recall Sinalco? I don't, but I was told by my parents it was really good. Too bad it is not available in Malaysian market anymore.

It's the antique bicycle again. This shop was located nearby the Lover's Bridge. We're back again at the Lover's Bridge for the high tide scenery.

Wandering and scouting around the cape. This was a nice scenery but the rubbish around really spoilt the beauty of the place.

The high tide; Seawater covering the bottom of the trees which was visible in the morning.

Another view of the sea from the Lover's Bridge in the evening.

This is a very long bridge.

Yanny posing with Nikon D80.

Happy 3 friends! Me, Chee Heng and Dom.

Finally, it was time for dinner! The last meal of the day happened to be the best meal of the day. Seafood at Hong Seng Bay Seafood Restaurant. This place was recommended by Rabbito's friend, claiming this as one of the best around. We were not disappointed as the seafood were really fresh and tasty.

Above: Clam soup & mini octopus in marmite style....yummy~

Black pepper crayfish. My first time having crayfish. The texture of the meat is similar to that of the mantis prawn. Sweet and delicious!

Crabs fiesta!!! Kam Heong crab and salted egg crab...fresh fresh fresh!

There was also a egg omelette with mini oysters (hou jien) and a vegetables! All these fresh and delicious food only cost us around RM16 per pax! Very cheap!!!

The attendees for this trip to Tanjung Sepat.

Everyone had a good time here. This was more like a food trip as everyone was full throughout the day and everyone got a bit tanner after this trip. Each and every meal we had here were served with fresh seafood, and the prices were reasonable and inexpensive! Truly, a haven for seafood lover.