Monday, November 30, 2009

Khee Fatt & Choon Foong | Actual Day Morning Session

KHEE FATT & CHOON FOONG | Actual Day Morning Session

It's the morning of 21st December, and I had to be at two weddings at the same time. I did a light shooting at Raymond & Mona's place and then I rushed off to Khee Fatt & Choon Foong's place for the shoot.

Once I reached Khee Fatt's house, I was greeted by my fellow brothers. And Khee Fatt was dressed up in all white with the white Toyota Celica ready to depart to Choon Foong's house. It was a great wedding, and one can see Choon Foong was very happy, generous with her smiles and laughter throughout the day!

Wishing Khee Fatt & Choon Foong's love grow stronger with each passing day, till the rest of your lives.

Here is the facebook pages for more photos.

The 2nd part on the wedding dinner session will be up soon...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Raymond & Mona | Actual Day Morning Session

RAYMOND & MONA | Actual Day Morning Session

I needed to be in 2 spots on the same day for the Morning tea ceremony. Since Mona has Kurt Ahs covering their morning session, I was only needed to do some light shooting before heading over to Khee Fatt & Choon Foong's morning session.

Not exactly a complete morning session, but here are some of the captures from that day at Mona's house.

More on facebook.