Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prancing Horse


It was 6.30am, and i got waken up from the slumberland by my dad. It's a Sunday morning and I have to wake up early again. After a quick breakfast which I didn't even finish, My dad dropped me at Perak Turf Club Equestrian Training Centre.

It's my first time here, and I was registering for lessons in horse-riding. My partner-incrime was my cousin, miss Mona. She forgot to bring the registration form, so we have to redo it all over again. I checked on the price and it was RM320 for 8 lessons, and each lessons will last about 30-45 minutes....hmm...not bad.

Mona was having a free trial, so it's time to take out the camera. There was a sign which says "Strictly No Photographs". Oh well, I like to break the rules...haha. All the photos in this series was taken using the CANON G10. Time to test out Mona's brand new camera.

This says we're here at the Perak Equestrian Centre.

A horse carriage which seemed like it had just return from a faraway fairy tale land.

The stables which house the horses. Not many horses here, just a couple of stallions and ponies.

The occupant of this stable...PEANUTS!!! Cute name for a horse.

The beddings in the stable for the horses. These should be a mix of straws and wood shavings.

A handsome stallion looking out of the stable!

The exterior of the stables

A better view of the exterior of the stables which faces the green pastures of the turf ground.

Racing course of the Perak Turf Club, which was adjoining to the equestrian centre.

A tower stands tall in the race course.

Free trial lessons for Mona while I was there sight-seeing and shooting around with the G10.

Hooves print on the sand.

Mona was riding Lily, a very good horse who is comfortable with and for beginner.

Horse riding lesson was not easy for beginner but it looked real fun.

Going round and round the sand paddock...the trainer says Lily the horse loves doing so.

Oh well, the trainer didn't have time for me after Mona's session. Next time i guess.

I could wake up every morning and do this. I just have this attraction for horses since I was young. Now, I have the chance to learn and ride the horse. I am really looking forward to my next trip back to Ipoh for my first lesson.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Afternoon at KLPAC

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, I am at the KLPAC with Mona( the assistant photographer) and Yanny (the model of the day). It was my first time here, and I am truly impressed by the landscapes and architecture here. Once we reached, we took a stroll inside the center. There was a drum performance going on and a photos exhibition. There was a cafe here which face the park...looks interesting and very nice to hang out.

KLPAC adjoins with the Sentul Park where most of our portraits were taken. There was a lake at the park and swans could be spotted strolling on it.

I wanted to do a short introduction on the park with some photos of the place but I got chased away by the security guards. Not once but twice! Such a nice place and I can't do a proper shoot on the place and introduce it to the world. What a nonsense?!?! Nonetheless, I have got what I wanted to shoot with our model-of-the-day and it was going to rain soon. So we made our move and left.

Stroll down for the shots from that day!

Introducing Mona, the assistant photographer. Though, she spent most of the time snapping away with her new Canon G10. Occasional help with the umbrella which I really appreciated under the freaking hot sun.

Model-of-the-day, Yanny first pose inside the booth.

Outside the booth, out in the sun, but did not hear too much complain from the model. Great professional!

I just love this brick walls.

Stretching out...very flexible indeed!

Relaxing...reminiscing something perhaps...

More brickwall...and model of cos...

I like this chair that were made from wires.

Lake and garden makes a perfect combination.

Yanny with the main building of the KLPAC as the backdrop. Nice!

Mona joined in the fun too...

Then it started to get a lil bit out of control~

NG's...scratching head....hehe.

I hope to come back and shoot the place again. I want to introduce this place and the beautifully done architecture and park to everyone. Hopefully, the next time the guards won't kacau kacau!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tripping Sekinchan


The sky was pitch black, the streets were empty and it was still very serene and peaceful with the night silence.
A few minutes later, we were down at the paddy fields, scouting for the location with the right paddy colours and at the right spot. Finally, we settled for a spot where there was no buildings in obstruction of our view and set up the tripods. I did not bring mine, so no need to do so. But the weather was not great as the hazy thick clouds blocked the sunrise, so none was needed.

And here goes the crazy but fun trip of Sekinchan.

A shot at dawn of the roads that leads into the paddy fields.

Dawn breaks at the paddy field. The paddy looked lush green while the sky was covered with haze.

The golden paddy field. The colours were absolutely beautiful when the sun light hits the field.

Rice anyone? Please bring your own bowl. lolz...

The tree.

Model checked, props checked, cameras checked! And here you go...

It started beautifully with our model of the day, Sherrina.

The model did great. Sherrina standing in a sea of paddies...

Eddy N Sherrina. Time to draft in the photographer and be our model as well. Nice! Nice!

And then things started to go crazy...Evee N Timothy starting throwing each other around in the paddy field.

The return of the "Paddy Samurai"!!!

We were well entertained by Behn the exceptionally talented violinist...

Behn got tired with the violin and picked up the katana. Katcha!!!!

"Deathlady Evee" on the left and "Paddy Samurai Clive" decided to load his gun and execute Behn. As the event went on, "Soundwave Sherrina" played the tune of death! This was really fun...we should bring more props on our next trip!!!

Sesame Chee Heng and Bit Bit.

Yanny da Sleepiezzz and Cobra Commander Andrew...

The teammates from the same division who coincidentally shared the same combat car! Okok...let's get back down to earth shall we. lolz

Move over paddy field and crazy session...time to explore the fishing town. We had a friend/guide to bring us around in Sekinchan. Hailing from this town himself, Kok Wai's friend brought us to explore his hometown. We went to the fishing town near the sea, a boat yard, and had a sharkmeat seafood fiesta!!!

I am so sorry as I have forgotten the name of this friend...paiseh! I will try to get the name from Kok Wai soon.

All these were fishing huts...there were a whole lot in this canal which leads to the sea.

Fishing boat docked against the low-tide seawater.

Fishing boats galore everywhere!

I am not really sure what was written but I think it was a warning sign asking people not to go down to the canal.

Observe the centre of the boat, protection mantras for the boat and the fishermen.

Time to repaint this baby and freshen it up!

There was no mistake this box of seafood came from Sekinchan!

First time seeing a boat making yard in person. I must admit I was quite amazed.

The boat makers and craftsmen's workshop.

The end of this boat yard leads to the sea.

Sekinchan is famous for its seafood. The specialty, the sharkmeat. Not many places serve sharkmeat but there are a few joints here which serve it. Generally, sharkmeat is very difficult to cook as it has a funny taste. But i think the sharkmeat served by this restaurant which I am going to mention below did good and there was no funny aftertaste.

The restaurant that serves the famous sharkmeat in Sekinchan, Jiann Chyi. I heard the shop next to this one also serves sharkmeat. But we went to this one because it was recommended by Ah Xien from the AEC food show.

I think this was the first time I have had sharkmeat. On the left is the normal shark meat ( no idea what shark species, they just told me normal shark meat XD). On the right is the tiger shark meat cooked with some pork meat and pork intestines.

Sharkmeat with fishball and tofu in soup. Taste a bit spicy and lots of ginger was used.

Stir-fried spicy prawns. I requested for this since every table seemed to have one. Tasted spicy and good, I like this!

Stir-fried lala (littleneck clams)

Claypot tofu. This was nice but it arrived a little bit late towards the end of the meal and most have already finished eating, so there was a lot of leftover.

It cost us about RM10 per pax...very very cheap!! Will drop by and makan makan from time to time again!

These group pictures were taken by Clive. Thank you very much for sharing the nice shots!

Everyone Cheers!!!

The crazy shot.