Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prancing Horse


It was 6.30am, and i got waken up from the slumberland by my dad. It's a Sunday morning and I have to wake up early again. After a quick breakfast which I didn't even finish, My dad dropped me at Perak Turf Club Equestrian Training Centre.

It's my first time here, and I was registering for lessons in horse-riding. My partner-incrime was my cousin, miss Mona. She forgot to bring the registration form, so we have to redo it all over again. I checked on the price and it was RM320 for 8 lessons, and each lessons will last about 30-45 minutes....hmm...not bad.

Mona was having a free trial, so it's time to take out the camera. There was a sign which says "Strictly No Photographs". Oh well, I like to break the rules...haha. All the photos in this series was taken using the CANON G10. Time to test out Mona's brand new camera.

This says we're here at the Perak Equestrian Centre.

A horse carriage which seemed like it had just return from a faraway fairy tale land.

The stables which house the horses. Not many horses here, just a couple of stallions and ponies.

The occupant of this stable...PEANUTS!!! Cute name for a horse.

The beddings in the stable for the horses. These should be a mix of straws and wood shavings.

A handsome stallion looking out of the stable!

The exterior of the stables

A better view of the exterior of the stables which faces the green pastures of the turf ground.

Racing course of the Perak Turf Club, which was adjoining to the equestrian centre.

A tower stands tall in the race course.

Free trial lessons for Mona while I was there sight-seeing and shooting around with the G10.

Hooves print on the sand.

Mona was riding Lily, a very good horse who is comfortable with and for beginner.

Horse riding lesson was not easy for beginner but it looked real fun.

Going round and round the sand paddock...the trainer says Lily the horse loves doing so.

Oh well, the trainer didn't have time for me after Mona's session. Next time i guess.

I could wake up every morning and do this. I just have this attraction for horses since I was young. Now, I have the chance to learn and ride the horse. I am really looking forward to my next trip back to Ipoh for my first lesson.


Anonymous said...

Let's go back to ipoh for our lesson looking forward too for my second lesson ...and i miss Lily .... >.<

Mona said...

Let's go back to ipoh for our lesson looking forward too for my second lesson ...and i miss Lily .... >.<

clive said...

haha interesting activity, looking forward your picture with kuda :D

Andrew Yep said...

haha..okok. I hope I get a bigger horse than Lily. lolz!

migene said...

wow, interesting experience!! i would like to have a ride also :)

rabbit said...

i want to learn! bring me bring me

sherrina said...

interesting! i want! i want!

Andrew said...

Interesting but not easy oso...but it's a really good exercise, works your lthigh and back muscles! My training horse, Wally is so big! haha