Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pipit Market #02

Last Saturday, I went to Berjaya Times Square to visit my friend, Kelly who participated in the 2nd Pipit Wonderful Market. She set up a small stall and sell some of her very own handmade crafts. She was sharing her stall with some of her good friends.

Kelly sells most of her crafts on Etsy as well as her own website www.kiirey.com. She sells various accessories by hand such as brooches, hairpins, rings, necklaces and plushies. Anybody interested in cute stuff and Japanese inspired, pay Kelly a visit and check out her stuff.

This is Kelly's stall with all her handmade crafts!!!

Time to bring out the girls!!! Kelly and her partner-in-crime, Debbie.

Leng Jai and Leng Lui sama sama jaga stall.

Time to bring on the crafts! Dot dot dot...Pixel crafts! 8 bucks each as written...I guess.

Washi Ningyo aka Japanese paper doll.

Various others crafts from my talented friend.

You will be surprised to learn that Kelly is actually an engineer by day, and craftsmaker by night! Oh well, I guess she has too much creative juice oozing out from within her. Anyhow, thanks to her I have updated news on up and coming local bazaars and various others creative news!

Strolled around the market, not too big but it was packed with various people who shares the same interest in creative crafts and ideas! I did not take too many pix, and here are what can be shown to you.

The bazaar...pendants, plush toys, tees, brooches, reusable shopping bags, CDs, dolls. There was something for everyone.

Did some shopping here....Miss Irene Handmade.

Brought home one of the crafts from here. Not gonna tell which since the birthday is yet to come and the birthday girl might be spying around.

Evangelione Handmade....Evangelion fans perhaps?!?!

A closer look at these briefcase-like-pendants. Nice!

A very cute doll from Evangelione.


Kelly said...

Thanks for the free advertising. <3 <3 <3

Andrew said...

Anytime!!! Cheers!!!

migene said...

wow, very cute!! ur friend so creative :)

Jaina said...

wow, marvellous photos.
Thanks for featuring my washi jap dolls too. :)

Andrew said...

Jaina: Wow...so you're the one making the washi dolls! Nice!

sherrina said...

wah! so cute :) any discount by using andrew's name??? heeeee

Andrew Yep said...

I don't think so! My friend don't hold me in such high regards! hahaha...

Kii said...

Aiya, dun say liddat la. Got discount la if mention your big name. hehe