Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red Devils' Training Day

Date: 17th July 2009
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium

According to written reports, 30, 000 fans turned out to witness the Red Devils' training session in Bukit Jalil. As we neared the stadium, cheers and horns sounding were growing louder by each footstep. It was quite an impressive turnout by the Red Armies, considering this was only a training session.

Credits to the United team, all the fans were feasted with more than an hour of trainings and silky skills exhibition by the players! I was pretty excited by this, having had a good chance to watch the my favourite team from the stands. Brilliant!!!

Throngs of fans make their way into the entrance of the stadium.

This is the entrance and security check; no water bottle and food allowed.

An overview of the Bukit Jalil national stadium.

(from left) Wai Loong, Kenji, Jeff and his friend. Looks empty rite? but....

Think was filled with legions of Red Devils fans.
(from right) Jeffrey, Kenji, Wai Loong and me!

Teenage sensation, Kiki Macheda showing off some shooting skills.

The boss gathering all the players...probably to offer some instructions and advice.

Jogging session for the lads.

They did a few round of joggings around the pitch. The fitness coach is so damn fit!

Look at all the fans watching the training sessions!

The players were doing some real training out there. It was only the start of the pre-season trainings but all of them looked very fit.

Fergie, bossing around the center of the pitch.

The end of a tiring and humid training session.

Canon G10 is definitely one of the best semi-pro camera around. By using the optical zoom + digital zoom features in the camera, I manage to zoom onto the pitch from the stands and captured the player's all-round actions.

It was an enjoyable day watching my favorite players showing off their skills on the training pitch. More, more, more... I will be back with more shots from the actual day matches, day 1 and day 2! Stay tuned...

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