Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tripping Kuala Selangor

Another weekend, another trip with my photography mates! This time we headed to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan, near the outskirt of the state of Selangor. We started our journey after lunch and reached this sleepy town after an hour or so. As usual, we got lost and asked for directions a few times, looking for a fishing village here. We skipped this scheduled plan, and off we went to Bukit Melawati.

Bukit Melawati was once used as a stronghold, initially built by the local Sultanate, then captured by the Dutch. Today, only the foundation of the fort and a few cannons remained at the site. The hill now houses the lighthouse which was built about 100 years ago, and home to the friendly silverleaf monkeys.

Ticket for my ride up the hill to Bukit Melawati. RM2 per pax as printed!

A tram-like-vehicle ferrying tourists with the driver-cum-conductor checking on the tickets as well.

Entrance to the lighthouse at the top of the hill!

Friendly silverleaf primates roams the area. Visitors can purchase long beans or peanuts off the vendors available and feed them.

The silverleaf monkeys were all over the trees. Beware of them pooping over your head!

The 100 years old lighthouse on top of the hill.

Cannons which were once used to defend the hills, are now part of the historical artefacts meant for exhibition.

Sucker-punch tree!

Fishing Village - Finally, found one near the seafood restaurant we went to.

Fishing boats with a sunshine glistened water.

Black N White version of glistening water and fishing boat.

Drying out the raw prawn crackers under the sun.

A wooden fence and gate from one of the house in the fishing village.

Poser no.1: Rabbito and poser no.2: Yanny...

Moving out from the village, we encounter cribs like this which i think was part home, part workstation.

I think this was a seafood trading parlour. Not too sure if they would sell anything to tourist on the spot.

A stall outside the seafood restaurant selling dried seafood such as dried anchovies, oysters and dried shrimps.

Dinner time! River View Seafood Restaurant, located just next to the river. But there was nothing spectacular or nice about the view.

This restaurant was crowded with people and we had to wait for a while before getting our table. The seafood was not bad but not really out of this world. Nevertheless, the ways they prepared the crabs were very special, and they were the highlight of the meal. It cost us about RM20 per person for this meal which I think was cheap.

Check out the food...

This crab was good. Cooked with marmite-like sauce with cuttlefish. First time trying this kind of cooking for crab and it was very special and good.

This is another specialty sauce from the restaurant. Directly translated from Chinese is Golden Sand crab. Part of the ingredients was margerine and planta, so this was really tasty. We dipped this sauce with the fried bun and it was so delicious! Yummy~

Deep fried threadfins fishes with delicious spicy sauce wrapped in lotus leaves.

Chinese pizza with baby oyster~

From top left (clockwise): Omelette with baby oysters (Ho Jien), gung bou razor clams, salted-egg baby octopus and littleneck clams (lala) Soup.

Tickets for the entry to the fireflies park. RM12 per pax per entry. In my humble opinion, I think it was very expensive but it was worth a try for those who has never experience seeing fireflies twinkling and lighting up the trees.

The entrance to the Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Park. (from left:) Chee Heng, Rabbito, Yanny and Kok Wai.

This was the last stop for us in Kuala Selangor. After this, we headed off to Sekinchan where we would spend a night there. Next entry, Sekinchan and its paddy fields...


clive said...

finally up, like journalist and nice photos! Also captured all the details!

Andrew Yep said...

haha...yea. after much procrastinating, this is finally up and rolling!

ηœ‹δΈ–η•Œ said...

1st pic looks like newspaper article. I can feel that you really put a lot of afford in this post, every shot also very detail and good composition, well done.