Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Afternoon at KLPAC

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, I am at the KLPAC with Mona( the assistant photographer) and Yanny (the model of the day). It was my first time here, and I am truly impressed by the landscapes and architecture here. Once we reached, we took a stroll inside the center. There was a drum performance going on and a photos exhibition. There was a cafe here which face the park...looks interesting and very nice to hang out.

KLPAC adjoins with the Sentul Park where most of our portraits were taken. There was a lake at the park and swans could be spotted strolling on it.

I wanted to do a short introduction on the park with some photos of the place but I got chased away by the security guards. Not once but twice! Such a nice place and I can't do a proper shoot on the place and introduce it to the world. What a nonsense?!?! Nonetheless, I have got what I wanted to shoot with our model-of-the-day and it was going to rain soon. So we made our move and left.

Stroll down for the shots from that day!

Introducing Mona, the assistant photographer. Though, she spent most of the time snapping away with her new Canon G10. Occasional help with the umbrella which I really appreciated under the freaking hot sun.

Model-of-the-day, Yanny first pose inside the booth.

Outside the booth, out in the sun, but did not hear too much complain from the model. Great professional!

I just love this brick walls.

Stretching out...very flexible indeed!

Relaxing...reminiscing something perhaps...

More brickwall...and model of cos...

I like this chair that were made from wires.

Lake and garden makes a perfect combination.

Yanny with the main building of the KLPAC as the backdrop. Nice!

Mona joined in the fun too...

Then it started to get a lil bit out of control~

NG's...scratching head....hehe.

I hope to come back and shoot the place again. I want to introduce this place and the beautifully done architecture and park to everyone. Hopefully, the next time the guards won't kacau kacau!


五月凤凰 said...

wah~what a nice place!
where the place?

Andrew said...

This is the Kuala Lumpur Performance & Art Centre in Sentul.

You can look online for more info on various local performance held here.

And here is the map to KLPAC

五月凤凰 said...

thanks bro.

7thlovechild said...

not bad not bad...