Friday, April 8, 2011

R.O.M. | PJ & Jeannie

It's a wedding in da house! Most of you might not know but my primary job is as a Creative Head in a publishing & design department. And Jeannie is one of the designer in my team, and she has been an excellent friend and teammate for the longest of time.So I couldn't really pass out the chance to photographed her R.O.M. on this auspicious day. Happiness was all over her face and it's portrayed in each and every photo here.

Congratulations PJ & Jeannie. Wish you guys the best in the new chapter of your life. I will post more photos on Facebook!


sLeEp|ezzz said...

naice naice...~~~ :D
leather couple! YING!

Andrew Yep said...

Yea... very cool leather couple!