Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Khee Fatt & Choon Foong @ SMI

Location: St. Michael Institution, Ipoh

After the registration of marriage at Chin Woo, the couple and their best mates whisked away to St. Michael for the photoshoot. It was great being able to do the shooting at our school. Most of us spent a good part of our lives studying at this school; 12 years in total for me (kindergarten + primary + secondary level)

It was a shame most part of the school was locked. Still, it was great being back, using this magnificent building as the backdrop of our photoshoot.

We started out shooting inside the La Salle Centre, and found this nice turquoise wooden door. Brilliant colour!

This was selected to be used in the wedding card design.

At the school parlour with the statue Paterfamilias (Parents).

Upholding the great Michaelian Ethos!

The long corridor...It would have been better if the red fire emergency hose is not there.

Choon Foong was natural and Khee Fatt tried his best with about 20 people watching over them during the shoot. lolz.

The main building block as the backdrop.

The group photo of Khee Fatt and Choon Foong with all the "Heng Dai(s)" and "Ji Mui(s)"

Da' fun version.

This did not turn out as what I initially planned. But I still like how this turned out, the actions and looks on the dudes were great!

Another try, freezing the action!

Girls aloud! The bride with her "Ji Mui(s)"

The "Heng Dai(s)" version I

The "Heng Dai(s)" version II

The "Heng Dai(s)" version III. Not much cooperation from the guys on the left. Woi... Colin, Chun Hui and Alvin! haha...

The couple with Brother Matthew.

Brother Matthew with his fellow ex-Michaelians.

We just couldn't leave without going for a final round at this water feature.

That's all folks! Thanks to Khee Fatt and Choon Foong, and the rest of the boys and girls, this turned out to be a very fun shooting session and gathering.


clive said...

nice location, this building is free to public to take wedding photos?

Andrew said...

Actually this is our secondary school building block. Public are usually not allowed. But you can try to write and get permission. Must have permission letter, else guard will chase ppl out! XD