Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pre-wedding | Raymond & Mona (KL)

Photographer: Andrew Yep
Make up: Aivy Yong
This was my first time shooting in Heritage Hotel located at the old KL railway station, and I was lucky to have Aivy with me. She has been here before so she knows a little bit about the place, and that made things easier for me. As usual, her make up were excellent and I was very please to acquire her help for this session. Also many thanks to Cheryl for the studio, and Yanny the videogirl.

We started the shoot at Heritage Hotel, did a few hours of shooting here. After that, we went back to Armadale's studio and continued the indoor studio shots. Just plain white backdrop shots, but it was fun and we did some unusual and funny ideas.

Part 2 in Perth! Stayed tune...

Part II: Armadale Studio


五月凤凰 said...

Very good!super good!damn good!

Andrew said...

haha...thanks for all the good(s) Eddy!!!

colin said...

very cantik.. heheh.. and i didn't know that you know aivy... hahaha.. what a small world.. =)

Andrew said...

Yo colin, to know her through Thomas and Jac. And both of us main camera ma. hehe