Monday, September 14, 2009

Charity Deed for A Day

Venue: NZX (Niu Che Sui) @ Ara Damansara

Last Sunday, Clive and I participated as volunteer photographers for the "Malaysian 88 Taiwan Typhoon Campaign" at NZX. It was a good cause where everyone was there to do some charity work. Our work was to be the official photographers for the events, and take photos of people from the crowd, have them printed out and sell them off. Besides that, there were also some games and food sold here. All the money collected will be sent to Taiwan to aid the victoms of the typhoon tragedy.

The crowd turnout was not that high, but we did what we could and we manage to collect a small amount of money for the charity campaign. Local artists such as Karen Kong, Namawee, Jeanie Lee and Manhand were there to support the campaign.

There were games available and the crowd were encouraged to participate to raise fund. Guest artist, Jeanie Lee showed everyone how it was done.

Participant will get a chop for every game and obstacle that they win. After a certain amount of chops collected, prices were available for redemption.

Pay RM5 and you get to pose, have your pix taken printed on the spot! Just like this one!

Karen Kong was there, and I must admit she is real petite.

Karen Kong and Namawee with the hostesses from JiaYu TV.

Yoyo performance from the national yoyo champions.

Namewee and I.

My partner in crime for the day, Clive.

With the rest of the team...some photographers, some runners, some sales, some technical dudes. All were there in the name of charity! Great deeds!


clive said...

Thank you so much for help! the yo yo guys blog ;

Andrew said...

No problem la! At least something meaningful to do on Sunday...lolz.

Oh..thanks for the link, I will contact them.