Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunny Day

Sunny Day
Model : Yvonne Tan
Film : Centuria 100 & Fujifilm Pro 400
Location scouting around Ipoh, and it was such a convenience having Yvonne around with me to test shot for the location. I only had my film camera with me, so this is actually my first time shooting portrait using film. It's kinda tricky, and there are not much room for error as I don't want to waste too much film.


Anonymous said...

what camera film isit?

Andrew Yep said...

Taken with Fujifilm Zoom Date f2.8 :)

OnnYee.安怡 said...

nice series!! i like it..=)

斯迪维 said...

Nice Series, Very Lifelike, JENG !!!

clive said...

nice colors, the yellow train give more marks~ first ever portrait in film? :D

Andrew Yep said...

Thanks guys!

Yea..first ever portrait in film!