Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friends + Lake + Farm

A casual shoot, was hopping here and there. And here we were, in the middle of nowhere with a lake and some farms scattered all over. It was a very hot day, and made me out of mood but I did manage to get a few decent shot.

A series dedicated to my photographers buddies.

The Shed.

The single handed photographer...lol

The 3 stooges~

Shooter and squatter.

"The grass on the other side is always greener."

Kids, do not try this at home!

Rabbit in the meadow.


chee heng said...

Wah I like the last picture a lot! Got feel~

rabbit said...

color very nice~

Andrew Yep said...

Dear fellow mates, thank you...

clive said...

like low angle on grass always.

"Kids, do not try this at home!"
Uncle boleh try~ flash until the hair up!

migin said...

hmm hmm, the color very special.

Andrew Yep said...

migin: thanks for dropping by, hopefully the special colour is good for u. lol.