Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morib & Sepang Gold Coast

Morib & Sepang Gold Coast |A short trip to the beach
Chee Heng, Rabbito and I went on a short trip to the beach last Monday. It was a Federal Territory day, so all of us working in KL got an extra day off over the weekend. We stop by at the Sepang Gold Coast, did a bit of wandering around. There was nothing much but a long sandy beach with a resort in development. Next we hopped on the car to Morib beach which was just a short distance away. Morib is just another long sandy beach with towers and some monkeys. Nothing too interesting...but it's nice if you want a long sandy beach!

This series has a lot of Rabbito in it. She was like the model of the day...which was a total coincidence. Ha ha...

Rabbito at the Sepang Gold Coast...with a cheerful expression.


Shadow of mine + Rabbito's.

I spotted this nice curve of along the sandy beaches at the Gold Coast.

The resort in development, overlooking the sea and beach.

Rabbito at a cafe with a lazy pose.

I kinda develop a liking for shooting from a low angle.

We spent a great deal of time playing and shooting with this subject, a crab inside the seashell.

A black & white version of the crab-shell.

Rabbito + Crab-shell

One of the few shots where there were Chee Heng in it. They are still shooting around with the crab-shell.

Mini crab! Crab...the crustacean often associated to me by certain friends since I'm a Cancer.

Rabbito stepped onto some mud and made a total mess of herself!

After all the beach hoping, we went to Tanjung Sepat, had our lunch, bought the bao(s) and headed home!


clive said...

first photos very feel.mug 1 also nice, should push rabbit on the mug.wuahahha

look.eye said...

nice! A lot of mud ah! Hahaha

rabbit said...

pretty muddy feet = =!!!

rabbit said...

kokwai very sui ga... fly mud to u~ *bleh*

OnnYee.安怡 said...

morid still full of mud huh~! haha...btw,is it a nice place for vacation? =/

migin said...

i like this post vy much. natural. :)

Andrew Yep said...

Clive: No need push Rabbito lo. She was stuck in the mud for some time. haha...

Onn Yee: Dun think it's a good location for vacation! Nothing around but the beach! But it would be nice if you want to visit a beach, cos it's just a short drive from KL.

Migin: Thanks!!!

五月凤凰 said...

i think ask rabbit sleep on the mug will be better.