Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jason + Elva | Actual Day Wedding

This was the last job before the end of the Ox year. After this job, I was officially "sau gung" from the wedding least until after Chinese New Year. Personally, I felt this was one of the better shoot I have had enjoyed in recent shoots. Of cos, there were other areas which I could have done better but in the end, it was a job well done on a personal level. Thank you Jason and Elva for this lovely series.

The guys trying to do an "Umbrella" rendition to impress the girls.

I guess the girls were impressed with the show.

Ang Pow money is the universal language during the "Jip Sun Leong" session.

Laughter galore.

The look of the bride as the groom and his entourage entered the bedroom.

Elva was very lively throughout the day.

Another playful look from Elva.

A Rolex watch from the father-in-law. Not bad right?

Father and bride.

Grandma and bride.

Ring, ring, ring.

Just love some of the expressions on this shot. Look at Elva, she was so full of "ummphhh!"

Younger sister has to pass under the pants of the elder siblings, a Chinese tradition.

Out-of-focus but i still love this shot. The expressions of this couple are priceless...

YuUumMmm Seeennngggggg!!!!

It's good for the camera when there are so much of life and expressions coming from the bride, and groom too. Just enjoy your big night, don't be too stressed with all the preparations and let things go with the flow.


Si Hui said...

Nice shots and nice work! :)

Ch00nf00nG said...

Yo I love these shoots!!!! Envy lor!!!

Andrew Yep said...

Thanks Si Hui!

Mrs Lai: No need be so envious. I did a great job for your wedding too. hehe