Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joe McNally's in KL

Joe McNally in KL |The Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop

It was a great week where I spent 2 days attending Joe McNally's workshop and seminar. There was much anticipation about meeting the great man himself, and he did not disappoint one bit! The workshop was great, we had a group of 15 participants and we get to have a up-close-and-personal tutoring from Joe. Joe talked us through how he uses and manipulates lights with special emphasis on the flashes. I picked up a lot of tips and new skills from the great man. He was trying to help us soaked up his tutorials as much as possible, and offering good advice throughout the whole day.

Joe McNally is truly a down to earth and great guy. He's such a hilarious and funny guy, and his workshop was never near boring. Joe is the official photographer for National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. You can visit his blog to know him more.

Joe going through on how to shoot outdoor with a streak hot sun with Evon as the model.

Evon Tan, our model for most part of the day. She is a great model!

One of the setup of the workshop. On the left is Drew Gurian, Joe's brilliant assistant. And on the right, Melvin was flashing by...

One of the model going through her dance. We were trying to play around with multiple exposure here.

Drew with the lighting assistance on Evon while Joe was busy shooting and explaining to us at the same time.

Play Time | Time to show the master how much did we absorb from his workshop

The ever so energetic model who is also a dancer.

Evon Tan aka Evon T, a great model to work with. The photographer only need compose and find the angle, and Evone will do her magic! Hope to have a chance to work with her again in the near future.

Some other shots of Evon T. I had some help from Drew on these series.

We were working with the flash attached on an Ezy-softbox, so it was something new to me. Kinda different from the conventional studio lighting but after much understanding, they work almost the same way.

Alrite, here goes the photography session with Joe McNally. Pictured here, Jeannie and I with Joe.

Thanks Clive for informing me about this workshop early in November! The workshops were sold out very soon like hot cakes!

Going to end this with a shot of me and Joe. Joe, thank you so much for coming to KL. Hope to see you again!

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