Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bangkok Bangkok | Analog Film

Photography by Andrew Yep [Film version]

I've just got back from Seoul. But Seoul will have to wait as I'm gonna post some much procrastinated film photos of my Bangkok trip earlier this March. I love travel photos as there are so much to tell. Here goes my analog version of my recent Bangkok trip.

Cool Photo Montage
Jatujak or sometimes known as Chatuchak, Bangkok
Siew Mei snapping. 

Siew Mei & Chee Heng at Jatujak. 
Tram tram at Terminal 21. 
Floating Market. 
Talad Rot Fai vintage & antique night market. 
Bangkok Bangkok - The End. 


littlerabbito said...

*like* i miss bkk~

clive said...

haha great, we are 1 week different at the same spot took with same camera.