Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Cold in the Desert | Bromo

Andrew Yep Travel + Photography

This travel was dated 12 June 2011. It took me almost half a year to post this travelogue. This digital version is a continuous blog post from my previous analog version. We landed in Surabaya, Indonesia and stayed for a night. The next morning, our travel guide came and picked us up for a few hours ride uphill to Mount Bromo. Love the place. Cold and beautiful desert. Hence, the name of this series, "The Cold in the Desert".

Please CLICK HERE for analog film version. Cheers!

Congkak in Indonesia.

Introducing the rest of the gang for this trip to Surabaya and Mount Bromo. Chee Heng, Rabbito and Clive.

There was nothing much to do in Surabaya. So we asked around and was recommended the submarine museum tour. It's an old submarine, converted into a museum for the public. A short but fun exploration in a submarine. A first experience for me.

The torpedoes hatch of a submarine.

Enemy alert!!!

A closer look at the periscope.

Rabbito inside the submarine.

Teh Botol... a must drink for me when I am in Indonesia.

Playing with the "fish eye" effect.

"Fish-eyed" Chee Heng & Rabbito.

"Fish-eyed" all of us. But strange I can't find one of Chee Heng. haha...

Enjoying Teh Botol & A&W. Slurps!

The Railroad.

Stairs that led us to the geyser.

Cracked volcano earth with a small stream...

The tiny geyser. Not as big as what the tour guide showed us!

Legs and earth cracks - Clive.

Legs and stairs - Chee Heng

We were here at Mount Bromo. Look at the faces of the lads... It was cold and we were hungry!

Rabbito & signature handsign.

Breaking dawn with Mount Bromo.

Lots of tourist here in Bromo.

We were in Indonesia and it's really cold here.

The only group photo for the trip.

Footsteps & desert.

The beautiful Mount Bromo. Look at all the smoke, it's still a very active volcano!


Flowers used as offering to the mountain.

Crossing the "Sea of Sand".

We ride on the back of ponies to cross the desert.

See the smoke coming out from the crater. That's our destination.

We parked our jeep here.

Magnificient view of the desert.

We walked a while first before negotiating with the horse carers. We were walking and the horse carers followed us with their horse, ushering us to take the pony ride. If the price is not right, just walk! It's not that tough cos it's very cold.

The adventurous Clive. Cool eh!

The desert aka "The Sea of Sand".

This was supposed to be a stair but it was destroyed during the last volcano eruption. Going up this slope was really hard as it's all sands!

We were at the top looking down into the center of the crater, thick smoke gushing out of the volcano.

People at the top of the volcano.

Photos session again!


Our guide. All of us forgot her name. lol.

The way down.

...with a magnificient view.

Clive maneuvered through the desert with ease.

Pony ride was fun. Negotiate for the best price!

Rabbito on the pony.

Posing with our jeep. It's such a bumpy ride with jeep!

Back at our lodge. The weather was so cold and comfortable, we didn't feel tired at all.

Playing with the bike.

Chee Heng and bike.

Mat rempit clive with bike.


Ling Ching said...

I really love your style!!!
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I'm just a beginner~
hope that can learn from you~ :)

Andrew Yep said...

Hi Ling Ching, thanks for dropping by! Please drop by again from time to time. Cheers!

Cally Tan said...

wah! this place really NICE !!!!

great photo u took !!!

clive said...

Satelit hotel : pretty pretty young young boss~

rabbit said...

@clive u miss the pretty pretty young young huh muahahaha

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Andrew Yep said...

Guys, thx for all the comments!!!

migin said...

very beautiful and make me feel the urge to visit this place :)

BRAD said...

really great pictures of Bromo! i bet the experience is far more than wat the pictures can tell.

annant said...

nice shots!!! love how you compose your picture.

annant said...

nice shots!!! love how you compose your picture.

annant said...

nice shots!!! love how you compose your picture.

Andrew Yep said...

Thx Migin, Brad, Annant for dropping by and the comments. Cheers!

Desmond said...

Hi Andrew.. I am a DSLR newbies here. I really like your shots and your approach. Please continue to share :)

Anonymous said...

Any photoshop??