Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding | Celebrating Yik Pin & Kae Lian

Andrew Yep Photography
Make Up by Sun

I shot Yik Pin & Kae Lian's wedding dinner in KL one week before this full day wedding in Ipoh. On this auspicious day, it was a very sunny day but that means blue skies with clouds! Fabulous day! When the weather is good and there are a lot of lights, that's when photos turn out really great.

Kae Lian is such a beautiful and playful bride, really love her endeavor in trying to make the shots look really good and funny at times. When I first met Yik Pin, I thought that he's a shy guy but as it turns out he was very merry and natural in front of the camera. The special part for me is the bouquet throwing, done by the groom and heng dais! And not forget to mention the pink polos for the girls and the blue polos for the hang dais. They were especially designed and has sketches of Old Town, Ipoh at the back. Absolutely fantastic...

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