Monday, September 12, 2011

海南 Hainan in Film

It's a summer holiday for me and my family! First ever family trip out of Malaysia and 9 of us flew to Hainan Island 海南岛 for some sight-seeing and heritage-seeking. Here are some photos taken with my ever reliable film camera, Fujifilm Zoomdate with Fujifilm Superia 200 films.

More to come from my digital version soon.

First up, Sanya 三亞, the Southern tip of Hainan Island! This is Yalong Bay 亞龍灣, one of the best and most beautiful beach in Sanya.

No idea what are these ladies trying to do. They were in straw hats and face mask standing along the beachline under the hot sun!

I have always received comments that I don't shoot enough girls on my travel. So here are some Chinese girls, not sure if they are Hainanese...

Yalong Bay 亞龍灣 is a very beautiful beach with fine sands and bluish turquoise sea water.

This is LuHuiTou Park 鹿回头公园. Loosely translated as Deer Turning Head park, a popular place for lovers. And since it's located on a hill, we are feasted with a fantastic view of Sanya 三亞.

This huge statue of the deer, hunter and the woman stands at the top of the hill over the blue sky.

A panaromic view of Sanya 三亞 but too bad that day was very hazy.

Coca Cola seats...

We went to Nanshan 南山 to witness the tallest Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) in the world.

This is quite a magnificient view, the huge Goddess standing in the middle of the sea.

The seaside view of Nanshan 南山 is very beautiful too.

The heritage trails starts here... Qionghai 琼海.

This is typical of the many houses located in the vicinity of my grandparent's village. Very old but vintage looking house.

The place to store woods, for cooking i guess.

That's a lot of woods!

Feels like I'm in some sort of location for a movie shoot.

There are electricity in my grandparents "kampung". Don't play play... :P

Just love all the details on the architectures.

A row of houses in the nearby neighbourhood.

Most of the houses here have auspicious couplets in front of the main door.

This is my mother's side ancestral home in Qionghai 琼海, Hainan 海南. My grandparents used to stay here before they migrate to Malaysia. We are doing some ancestral ceremony to appease my grandparents and invite them "home".

This is the front yard of the ancestral home. The man was burning some hell notes.

Some kids from a distant relatives.

Rituals all day long at the ancestral home.

This is a distant relative's home, the place we hang out the most.

Carvings and decorations.

The train station in Qionghai 琼海站, a very modern and clean station with high speed train.

The interior of the Qionghai train station.

For once, it's very systematic here, queuing up to board the train.

Time to go home...


clive said...

wonderful town, but still not enough hainan's girls XD

sLeEp|ezzz said...

the last pic.. macam lego la.. XD
nice nice.. :3

Andrew Yep said...

Xie Xie!!! More girls to come in digital version!

斯迪维 said...

WoW Hai Nan, i from Qiong Hai. I Love Guan Yin Ma, haha :)

看世界 said...

good record! nice photos ^.^ waiting for digital version ~

Andrew Yep said...

Stevy... same same come from Qionghai. haha

Sherrina : Thx! Digital version coming soon!

` shirleen said...

Awesome photos ><

Andrew Yep said...

Thx for dropping by Shirleen!