Thursday, December 3, 2009

Khee Fatt & Choon Foong | Wedding Dinner

Khee Fatt & Choon Foong | Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner was held on the same day at Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant in Ipoh. Surprisingly, the decoration for the venue was above the expectation of our fellow Khee Fatt & Choon Foong. Friends alike were also impress by the decoration of the venue. Wedding dinner in Ipoh is all about the good food, and on that night there were some really good food being served.

More photo on Facebook.

Congratulations again Khee Fatt & Choon Foong. It was a pleasure and honour to grace this auspicious day and event by being your photographer. Wishing you guys a happy marriage that last forever and ever.


Ch00nf00nG said...

Thanks Andrew for d spectacular photos!!! Love all d shots!! :)

kheefatt said...

very very nice shots.. thanks bro... seeing bck those shots remind me of the night how great u and other brothers in helping me out...

Andrew Yep said...

thanks again khee fatt & choon foong!

it was a fun wedding!!!