Saturday, December 12, 2009

Andrew Yep Photography | Advert

Advertising & Publicizing Andrew Yep Photography

Recently, I designed an advertisement material to publicize myself. It was to be published in the PAA (Putra Aman Assembly) souvenir booklet, which is part of a fund raising activity for a new building.

Thanks to my friend, Aivy for asking me to join.
Time was short, Aivy told me I have only a couple of hours until night time to submit the design material. I thought I couldn't do this in such a short amount of time but I did and here you go. The text is a bit small here, but it's visible alright in the real printed form.

The text might appear to small here but this is what it actually says:

Andrew Yep Photography

012 510 3065 | http://blacktr33.blogspot


Photos were taken from the "Raymond & Mona | Perth" series. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

juk lei sang yi hing lung..! XD