Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding | Celebrating Alex & Jan

Photography by Andrew Yep
Partnered with Clive Loke

Alex & Jan is one of my most well planned couple. They had everything organized and schedule weeks ahead of their wedding, and I was really impressed. Even their wedding day was well organized with where to yum-cha, where to take family portraits. Jan said it was all down to the experience in organizing such auspicious events in the past and the help of the families.

Jan is a joyous girl and it's so easy to carve a big smile in her. She has a very big and joyous family, and it was all fun with lim, lim, lim (hokkien for drinking). That means beer and whisky during the yum-cha session! Really gotta love this family. Also, her family portrait was one of the biggest I have ever shot, but it was not even in full attendance during her wedding as some couldn't make it. The real number is more like about 120 family members in full attendance. That's a pretty big family!

Remember to check out the "same-day-edit" photo montage slideshow at the end.

Below is the "same-day-edit" photo montage slideshow of Alex & Jan's wedding.


Ling Ching said...

so cute and sweet!
seriously i like the cheque! :P

Jan said...

Thanks Andrew! We love the pictures! Thanks for capturing all the candid and memorable moments of our big day. It sure does bring back great memories and a BIG smile on my face haha :)) thanks once again :))

Andrew Yep said...

Dear Jan, thanks for having me as your wedding photographer. It was a great wedding with so many lovely friends and families! Cheers!

Andrew Yep said...

Ling Ching... thx for dropping by. Yea... the cheque is awesome. lol.