Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding | Eric + Ann

Photographer : Andrew Yep & Steve Wai

It's my 100th blog post and what a great milestone it has been for my photography blog. My gratitude to each and everyone who has visited my blog. Hope there will be many more milestones for my blog in the future.

For my 100th blog post, I'm proud to present the wedding of Eric and Ann. This past month has been a great month for me and I met a lot of special and funny couples. Eric is very funny dude and he can really give a good and funny speech. Ann is very tall, elegant and beautiful. The first bride whom I shot who is taller than me! Slightly only though...hehe. Here is to Eric and Ann, enjoy the photos!



OnnYee.安怡 said...

i saw Behn's shouting face! yuaaaaammmmmm seeeennngg!!!

Andrew Yep said...

Yea... Behn was there!!!