Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Graffito | The Wall of Life

Graffito | The Wall of Life
Model: Nicole, Sherrina, KO;
Lighting Assistant: OnnYee ;
Digital Photographers: Kok Wai & Chee Heng
; Analog Photographers: Eddy Fun, JC Tang

This project turned out to be a big fun, with lots of friends joining in. And it became quite happening and messy halfway through the shoot! We have lighting assistant who turned into photographer and even modeling for the shoot. Then, our other photographers who turned themselves into models.

It was quite an adventure too, we went down the drain, nearly fell into the river, have to shoot under hot streaked sun and showered by drizzles. But at the end, it was all good fun! Thank you everyone!!!

Our first model, ah KO, very cool and full of character. Her name derived from the word 'Knock Out', and I have no idea why :P

Sherrina, the bubbly and sporty one. This one in conjunction with the World Cup 2010!


This is Nicole; we tried to make her jump a lot and fling her hair a lot!

Here is one of the photographer Chee Heng, trying to do his best for a jump with his towel~

Clive here, with a good jump!

Our supposedly lighting assistant, Onn Yee who did her fair share of modeling on that day.


chee heng said...

Wah damn nice color! My first jumping photo with the towel turned out not bad!

Andrew Yep said...

haha...yea. That one with the towel turned out pretty good! This shooting turned out with so many models... Grrreaattt!!!

OnnYee.安怡 said...

OMG to my face!!! =/
but seriously!!this series is damn awesome!! nice colour ~! love it...

Andrew Yep said...

Onn Yee: The face looks fine la! Gei hou wo...

clive said...

i like first and second. like notty girl series! sherrina with skateboard also very good. my pangsai face picture abit off XD

看世界 said...

the 1st pic is awesome!
really like this outing :)

Andrew Yep said...

Yup..this was a fun outing!!! Had a lot of fun and laughter!

jc said...

Really bring out the "graffiti feel" wor~
The jumping series is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Can I noe where is the place?